About Tor

At about 17 I had a flirtation with Ayn Rand, even reading the Objectivist Newsletter. Soon, I studied Finance and Economics and made my way to New York, where I worked for a Wall Street firm, secretly hoping to change the world from that position of power. While in New York I made friends with a group of seekers who led me to gurus and holy men who opened my eyes in much more startling ways.

I left New York and traveled out West, studied with Buddhist and Sufi teachers, and in esoteric schools. I became an oblate connected with a Christian monastery. I traveled to Turkey, Egypt, and Italy. I live in the mountains of Big Sur with my wife.

Church Mission

The Social Justice Teachings for Today

  • Care for the poor and side with the oppressed
  • Become peacemakers and work to end war
  • Cleanse our democracy of the corruption of money
  • Build a fair, just, and harmonious society.