The Social Justice Church


Our mission is to present Jesus’ authentic social justice teachings and help manifest them in the world.


Jesus first appeared fully a man by the River Jordan in the camp of his cousin the Prophet John. After some mild banter about who should baptize whom, John baptized Jesus by immersing him in the flowing water. As Jesus came out of the water the Holy Spirit appeared as a Dove in a body of light, luminous, shimmering light, and descended on Jesus and stayed on him. Everyone who saw this display was in awe.

Before that time we have reason to believe that Jesus walked from Egypt to Persia and back, traveling in caravans, sleeping under the stars, learning from mystics and seekers, Magi and wise men he met along the way.

We also believe that Jesus lived for some time in a contemplative community of men and women on the shores of Lake Mareotic near Alexandra, Egypt. Moses founded this community and two others like it years before as a way to shield Egyptian esoteric knowledge as it traveled across time and space to Jesus and to the present moment.

This community was called the Therapeutae, the healers of the soul. For six days community members meditated in their individual sanctuaries, which they called their “closets”. Every seventh day the community would come together, go into the chapel, and chant in call and response, men to women, women to men, through the night.

Jesus was a courageous and adventurous young man, who traveled through Egypt to Persia seeking after truth, spending several of his ‘lost years” with the Therapeutae in strict monastic practice that connected him to the mysteries of Egyptian knowledge. Christian scripture tells us that “Moses was trained in all the wisdom of the Egyptians.” We believe we can now say that, “Jesus too was trained in all the wisdom of the Egyptians.”


Here are the Social Justice Principles, which came from Jesus’ talks, stories, experiences, and prayers. Jesus offered these principles to wise leaders who seek to build a Divine and Holy Nation. The Principles for a wise leader and all people are:

  1. From the Sermon on the Mount, become a peacemaker and strive for a peaceful nation.
  2. From the Parable of Sheep and Goats, care for the poor and hear the cry of the oppressed.
  3. From the cleansing of the Temple, end corruption in the temples of democracy.
  4. From the prayer known as the Lord’s Prayer, strive to create a fair, just and harmonious society.

If you are a Christian, know that it is “not legal” for you to vote Republican. The Republican Party has moved to the dark side in recent years. Following its leader down, the Party makes war for profit and gives money to the billionaires while trying to cut ordinary people off healthcare, and has become hard, mean and vengeful toward the working class. In simple terms the billionaires own the party now. If you are Christian and vote Republican you are working for Moloch, not God.


The Parable of Sheep and Goats is one of Jesus finest teaching stories. It is universal in that all the nations appear before Jesus. The Parable is for heads of state, princes and kings as well as all the people. In his most majestic self-presentation Jesus sits on his throne with all his glory (aura and light) and angels around him. His face shines like the Sun. Jesus knows it is just a display, but display it is. Heads of State, Princes and Kings bow down to him.

If we followed Jesus’ teachings in this nation we would have a solid social safety net, free universal health care, lifetime free college and trade school education, a living wage, unions, and comprehensive and compassionate immigration and prison reform. If we understand the inner teachings of the Parable we would know that the Divine Spirit lives in every person and knowing this is the ground for our civic duty.

In the Parable Jesus separates the people as a shepherd separates his flocks, sheep on his right side, goats on his left. The sheep, the ones, who notice the Divine in all things and serve the needs of others, who are generous, kind, caring, and loving get rewarded with Eternal Life. The goats, who don’t treat others so well, suffer eternal punishment. This is where Jesus’ story falls apart. The story is weak because we, the modern hearers of the story, can only guess the meaning of Eternal Life. The meaning of eternal punishment is even more confusing.

The Egyptians have a teaching story that Jesus would have learned while he was with the Therapeutae. It is the “Weighing of the Heart” against Maat’s Feather. Maat is the goddess who represents Truth, Justice, and Harmony in the Egyptian pantheon. Every pharaoh when inaugurated pledged to maintain Maat. The feather comes from her headdress. The deceased is brought before Osiris, God of the underworld, and 42 judges. Each judge asks a question telepathically. If the deceased’s heart is lighter than the feather the deceased is self-propelled through a Star Gate to the Star Nursery below the three stars of Orion’ belt, which the three pyramids of Giza represent on the ground. There in the Star Nursery the deceased’s consciousness changes to star consciousness and she, fully evolved as a young star begins her journey around the galaxy in what the Egyptians call her “boat of millions of years.”

The other dead whose hearts are heavier than Maat’s Feather (not yet a Pure Heart), recieve Eternal Punishment. Eternal Punishment is confusing, but not really. It simply means reincarnation in a new physical body with a new mother and a new family, on Earth with all the joy and suffering of a new life, and with no memory at all of the past.

The early church taught reincarnation for 500-years after Jesus. “As ye sow so shall you reap.” and in the vernacular, “Whatever you do comes back to you.” Clement of Alexandria and the celebrated theologian Origin taught reincarnation at the Christian school in Alexandria. Reincarnation was not declared a heresy until the Second Council of Constantinople in AD 553.

The story of the “Weighting of the Heart” is credited with making Egypt the most ethical and evolved nation in all antiquity. The Parable of Sheep and Goats in this nation can do that as well now that we know the whole story. When Christian seekers get this we gain immense power to choose our lives and to our next life as well.

If those in power use power unethically, understand this, they will find themselves on shaky ground, like an earthquake. Knowing that we all return to face the consequences, of our actions on earth without the money we had, without the power, without the notoriety. Imagine a big, strong, Republican senator, lots of money and power, living again as a scared immigrant girl of color with her baby at the border needing to get through or die. Repeat for a few lifetimes, groundhog day, until she/he wakes up. Imagine another tough-ass Republican Senator born a Black boy in too tough Camden NJ., getting shot by gang members, or cops, every lifetime before ever becoming a man.

By the end of this fleeting life you will have made choices revealing your proclivity for one of two options. Eternal life—evolution as a star or some other light body being in a boat of millions of years or

Eternal Punishment—reincarnation in a new physical body.